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Street Tag iPhone app: Graff up London scot-free

As part of its Street Summer season of programming and events, Channel 4 has created an iPhone app called Street Tag that allows users to virtually graff any wall or surface they fancy using their iPhones…

Essentially, the app is an augmented reality toy which turns your phone into a can of virtual spray paint. “Using the phones camera mode, it lets you graffiti the streets in real time,” explains Alice Tonge of 4Creative who worked on the app. “You can adorn everything and anything, even those buildings you never thought possible, and not get arrested for it. Plus you can geo-tag it so others can see your work.”

We’ve had a go with the app and its ability to recognise walls – and let the virtual paint sit flat on them – is really  impressive. It’s a shame our graff skills are far too lame to be able to share with you.

The app is free and available via iTunes

Street Tag credits:

Creative agency 4creative
Art director/copywriter Alice Tonge
Creative director Tom Tagholm
Digital producer Syed Naqvi
Account director Stephen Johnstone
Marketing manager Gagan Rehill, Channel 4
Development and build Brothers and Sisters, Sibling

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