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Levi’s ad yanked over riot police scene

Levi’s is postponing the UK premiere of its global ‘Go Forth’ ad due to a sequence in the film that features a young man confronting a line of riot police. (Levi’s: controversial scene from global ‘go forth’ campaign)

The scene from the brand’s first global campaign appears 47 seconds into the ad. It launched on Facebook on Monday and was due to run on UK television and in cinemas later this month. However in the wake of the widespread rioting and looting this week the ad’s UK premiere has been postponed. The campaign will continue to go ahead in all other countries.

Levi’s has said it has made the move out of “sensitivity” and it intended the scenes in the ad “in the spirit of positive action and optimism”. The 60-second ‘Now is Our Time’ ad was created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland. It builds on the brand’s 2009 and 2010 campaign ‘Go Forth’ and features Levi’s Fall 2011 collection.


Street Tag iPhone app: Graff up London scot-free

As part of its Street Summer season of programming and events, Channel 4 has created an iPhone app called Street Tag that allows users to virtually graff any wall or surface they fancy using their iPhones…

Essentially, the app is an augmented reality toy which turns your phone into a can of virtual spray paint. “Using the phones camera mode, it lets you graffiti the streets in real time,” explains Alice Tonge of 4Creative who worked on the app. “You can adorn everything and anything, even those buildings you never thought possible, and not get arrested for it. Plus you can geo-tag it so others can see your work.”

We’ve had a go with the app and its ability to recognise walls – and let the virtual paint sit flat on them – is really  impressive. It’s a shame our graff skills are far too lame to be able to share with you.

The app is free and available via iTunes

Street Tag credits:

Creative agency 4creative
Art director/copywriter Alice Tonge
Creative director Tom Tagholm
Digital producer Syed Naqvi
Account director Stephen Johnstone
Marketing manager Gagan Rehill, Channel 4
Development and build Brothers and Sisters, Sibling


New typeface: Bella from Face37

British designer Rick Banks of Face37 has just released his latest typeface, Bella, designed, he tells us, in the classical French Didot style, but based on letterforms by Herb Lubalin, John Pistilli and Jan Tschichold. Featuring extremely thin hairlines, Bella is best suited for use at large display sizes.

Bella is available through hypefortype.com

Rick Banks is also the designer of Type Trumps card game which we blogged about back in 2007 here and also when he released Type Trumps 2 in early 2010, here.

Web designers and developers often overlook printed marketing materials.

But on occasion, they can come in very handy: at conferences, when meeting face-to-face with clients, or when running into someone they might want to do business with. Having business cards is a great way to promote yourself in the physical world.

Of course, since web design is a creative field, you’ll want your business card to serve as a sort of mini portfolio that displays your skills. You should put the same time and energy into designing your business cards that you put into designing a website.

And the skills necessary to design a business card can be easily adapted from those that are required to design a website.